KINDUZ Consulting has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to help them achieve their goals. Over the years, the team at KINDUZ Consulting realized the need to create a framework which would be available for anyone who wanted to excel in their profession.

The team envisioned the framework to be able to:

  • Help the individual realize their strengths of character vis a vis the industry and provide clear direction related to the areas they need to improve.
  • Assist the individuals in learning and growing towards their goal
  • Have the individual apply what they have learnt in their job and day to day activities
  • Provide an opportunity to interact with experts from the industry
  • Measure the improvements on regular intervals, and
  • Grow into the next level of career growth

Detailed inputs from industry experts including CXOs of leading multinationals, Function Heads from HR, Learning and Development, and Delivery lead to the creation of GeNeX.

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