Telephonic Consultation Services

What we Focus On:

  • Helping individual understand the GeNeX Prism report
  • Assisting individuals to understand gaps in current skills vs those needed in the industry
  • Help individual carve own career path

KINDUZ Proprietary Frameworks we leverage

  • KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework (KBEF)
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Approach
  • KINDUZ GeNeX Prism
  • Understanding the GeNeX Prism report
  • Knowing which skills to enhance vs which ones to improve upon
  • Get indicators to a successful career growth path
  • Learn the Why’s and Know the How’s of your skills
  • What we hear from our customer

    I have taken behavioural assessments in the past. I get all the details in the report. But it leaves me confused as to the next steps and how can I interpret it

    Our Telephonic Consultations are designed for quick, convenient and effective way to communicate the sailent points from your GeNeX Prism report. So that you just not only get an analysis, but also personal care, and guidance from our experts

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can customize our Telephonic Consultation Service for you.

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