Center for Behavioural Excellence

What we Focus On:

  • Scenario based evaluation of over 100 different behavioural skills
  • Need based and Customized behavioural workshops
  • Exclusively designed and upgraded training content
  • Creation of Learning experiences rather than teaching/training

KINDUZ Proprietary Frameworks we leverage

  • KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework (KBEF)
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Approach
  • KINDUZ GeNeX Prism

Center for Behavioural Excellence (CFBE) is a very specialized offering customized for any Educational Institution or Corporates. The primary goals of the CFBE are:

  • Assess functional and behavioural skills of individual or groups
  • Assess training needs through GeNeX Prism Report
  • Transform in-house staff/leaders to become experiential trainers
  • Achieve sustenance by involvement of all stakeholders within the Institution or Corporate
  • Help students, and hence the Institution, to build or enhance functional and behavioural skills required by the Industry / Corporates
  • Help Corporates identify and fill the skill gaps relevant to their business needs
  • What we here from our customers

    Our Faculty and Students lack the focus and zeal to transform their futures. There is a need to transform them into the next generation leaders coveted by the industry.

    Centre for Behavioural Excellence transforms your faculty and students leveraging GeNeX Prism and bridging the gap between the industry and institution.

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can customize our Center for Behavioural Excellence Service for you.

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