Prism for Graduates

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Young Adults (budding professionals)
  • Know your traits
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Nurture your career
90 minutes to a successful profession A scientifically designed one-of-its-kind tool covering over 50 skill areas Buy Now
  • Confirm your child’s strengths and interests
  • Nurture your child towards success
  • Future-proof your child’s aspirations

Product Attributes

Standard attributes:

  • Age bracket:
    • 18 – 22 years
  • Education Level:
    • Grades 1st to PG
  • Professional Level:
    • Not Applicable
  • Relevant Industries:
    • Any
  • Price:
    • ₹ 3500 per Assessment
  • Deliverables:
    • Behavioral Skills report,
    • 1 Audio Interaction to understand report
  • Industry Standards:
    • Education Industry
    • Functional Behavioral Assessment norms
    • Ipsative questions
  • Language:
    • English
  • Medium of delivery:
    • Web-based Assessment
    • Online Audio Interaction
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Individual needs a PC or Laptop
    • Stable internet connection
  • Post-Purchase support:
    • Technical support for assessment
    • Counselling session over phone or video or in-person (as available) to understand the report

Product-specific attributes:

  • Duration:
    • 90 minutes
  • Behavioral Skills:
    • 50+ Skills : Awareness of Business Environment, Networking, Ownership and Accountability, Teamwork and Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Energy Level, Logical Reasoning, Optimism, Empathizing and Emotional Intelligence, Flexibility, Individual Social Responsibility, Inspiring and Motivating, Integrity, Mobility, Perseverance, Proactiveness, Stress Management, Innovation, Confidence, Independence, Passion, Self-Starter, Leadership
  • Technical Skills:
    • None
  • Functional Skills:
    • None
  • Certification Details:
    • None

Comparable with other products:

The New generation today has the world full of opportunities, but need to pass through tough competition and exams. It is critical today to develop and nurture the appropriate functional and behavioral skills so as to pursue own passion and become successful. GeNeX Prism for young adults is a just a 90 minute along comprehensive, functional and behavioral assessment which reports and benchmarks that individual against one’s peers.
Young Adults often feel the need to establish and grow their own unique identity in the ever changing eco-system. In such highly competitive world, any ‘Trial-and-Error’ with Career, many times result in the risk of being obsolete very soon.

That is why psychologists of today and HRs of various professional organizations recommend Individuals, Teachers, and Parents to use unique behavioral assessment tool like the GeNeX Prism to:

  • Recognize interests and displayed behavior of an individual,
  • Recognize and confirm Strengths and Weaknesses,
  • Assess the current skill set and,
  • Chart a road map for developing or enhancing the much needed behavioral skills


Teachers and parents can use the information from this assessment to help their child learn new skills or enhance some of their desired/existing skills. The goal is to teach young adults how to manage their own behaviors.

  • Discover your passion
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Craft your own career


  • Confirm your child’s strengths and interests
  • Nurture your child towards success
  • Future-proof your child’s aspirations

If not taking the solution:

  • Students may always feel like ‘missing’ something
  • Students may end-up taking lot of efforts in inappropriate areas
  • Parents may misjudge their child
  • Expectation will never be met
  • Success will always be on another side of the tunnel
  • Students may spend lifetime struggling to find their strengths and passion

What you get as part of Prism:

  • GeNeX Prism behavioural assessment
  • Child’s Behavioural Skill Summary report (electronic copy) delivered, to the registered email id, within minutes after appearing the assessment
  • Child’s percentage of marks scored in each of the skills assessed
  • Child’s percentile score with respect to similar candidates tested in the industry
  • (Optional) One telephonic interaction in English for approx. 15-20 mins, within 1 month after the assessment*, with a GeNeX Analyst to
    • Understand the behavioral skill summary report
    • Know how their strengths influence their daily life and decision making
    • Get pointers to a successful career based on the report
  • Opportunity to join a relevant behavioral training workshop* in a location closer to yours** to enhance or polish desired behaviors or skills

* Suggest to confirm a mutually convenient time slot for the telephonic discussion, in advance.
** Suggest to confirm your batch timings and location among those available batch(es) and location(s), in advance.

Standard Attributes
Age bracket 18-22 years
Education Level Grades 1st year to PG
Professional Level Not Applicable
Relevant Industries Any
Price ₹ 3500 per Assessment
Deliverables Behavioural Skills report, 1 Audio Interaction to understand report
Industry Standards Education Industry, Functional Behavioural Assessment norms, Ipsative questions
Language English
Medium of delivery Web-based Assessment, Online Audio Interaction
Pre-requisites Individual needs a PC or Laptop, Stable internet connection
Post-Purchase support Counselling session over phone or video or in-person (as available) to understand the report, Technical support during assessment as necessary
Product-specific attributes
Duration 90 Minutes
Behavioural Skills 50+ skills
Technical Skills None
Functional skills None
Certification Details None
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