GeNeX is an initiative of KINDUZ Consulting inspired by the need to nurture human potential and build empowered professionals for the industry of today and the future.

The GeNeX methodology has been recognized by the industry as a comprehensive methodology for individuals, providing a well rounded evaluation of critical business and life skills, along with a well researched and clear direction for future success. GeNeX levels and scores are widely accepted by leading organizations, across the globe, as a standard for professional excellence.

At GeNeX, we believe each individual has the skill and the capability within them to excel. Given that premise, we are committed to walk every step of the way with you and help you achieve your professional ambitions.

The complete GeNeX framework is based on Rings of Learning (RoLe) which include end to end cycle of evaluation and learning for an individual.

GeNeX Methodology
  • GeNeX learning process starts with a GeNeX Prism, which helps you realize your current skill levels vis-à-vis what is required for you at that level. This helps you in understanding your as-is strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Basis your Prism score and analysis, you may choose to subscribe to GeNeX learning tools by paying the relevant fee. These tools help you acquire skills through practical and effective methods.
  • As you learn, apply your learning in your job and day to day activities, and let the learning become a part of you.
  • You also get the opportunity to present and interact with an industry expert panel to validate your learning, and obtain feedback.
  • Go through the GeNeX Prism to measure your improvement. Move onto the next level, if you are ready.

GeNeX Rings of Learning (RoLes) span the complete breadth of your professional career, capable of guiding you on each step of your way. Whether you are trying to measure your existing proficiency level or trying to grow into the next level, the Rings of Learning (RoLe) play a vital role in helping you understand your strengths and areas you need to improve upon. These will also help you grow into your desired professional position through continuous learning and feedback.

GeNeX RoLe include RoLe for entry level professionals right upto CEO and Board of Directors.

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GeNeX Methodology
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