GeNeX RoLe is a custom built, comprehensive, industry relevant learning methodology that is scientifically designed to maximize skill acquisition and deployment in day to day job activities of a professional in today’s global work environment

Our approach is specialized to cater various requirements specific to each level of professional growth path.

GeNeX Role
GeNeX Role
GeNex Prism Realize present skill level vis-a-vis the industry
Learn Subscribe to GeNeX learning tools, acquire practical and effective learning pedagogies
Apply Apply and implement learnings in day to day job activities
Panel Evaluation and Feed back Present and interact with an industry leaders to validate learnings, and obtain feedback
GeNex Prism Undertake GeNeX Prism again to measure improvement. Move onto the next level, if you are ready

How GeNeX RoLe helped Ms. Aditi Sarkar achieve her dreams

Aditi, a graduate from a top B School, was inducted as a sales executive. Despite consistent performance she could not move up the professional ladder in her organization. She was very concerned and could not understand why she could not get promotion. Her manager was not clear and specific in identifying areas where she needs to improve.

The Challenge

  • Inability to accurately understand why she is not being considered for a promotion
  • Unavailability of a scientific mechanism to understand her own Weaknesses and Strengths
GeNeX Role

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