Assessment framework that gives you a true picture of industry skills and competencies of an individual across the professional growth path Incorporates industry relevant framework that meets global Industry requirements


  • Focusses on skills that are most essential for today’s successful professionals
  • Holistic assessment of the candidate, benchmarking with the industry
  • Measures individual’s orientation towards customers and Industry
  • Showcases individual’s latent potential for diverse roles and responsibilities
  • Completely customizable – Can include technical testing and other assessments as well
  • Detailed analysis with Benchmark Scores
  • Identify key strengths and areas of improvement across skill sets
  • 24×7 online access
  • Quick Prism report generation

How GeNeX Prism helped Mr. Sirshir Saxena, Senior Marketing Manager

Mr. Sirshir Saxena is a senior marketing manager working in the retail industry with over 10 years experience. He has to appoint a Shop Floor Manager for his City Central Mall from among his current executives. He has a major challenge ahead of him.

The Challenge

  • Unavailability of an objective mechanism of Manager Selection
  • Unavailability of a scientific mechanism to understand Executives’ Weaknesses and Strengths
GeNeX Prism

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